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Radiation Protection Service

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radiation protection service

IRR99 (The Ionising Radiation Regulations 1999), is specifically directed at those who work with ionising radiations, including dental practices. It requires the employer to establish and maintain a quality management system that can be evidenced. IR(ME)R (The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations) 2000, has been designed to protect patients during exposure. Practices must be able to demonstrate documented procedures, patient protection and clinical justification.

M A Dental supply, inspect, protect, train and advise practices on virtually every aspect of dental radiation. M A Dental will help practices proactively work towards meeting current legislation and protection of employees and patients from ionising radiation. M A Dental radiation protection service offers peace of mind compliance with IRR99 and IR(ME)R2000 Regulations.
Our radiation protection service includes:
  • Radiation Protection Advisor – IRR99 require the Practice to appoint a suitable RPA.
  • Medical Physics Expert – IR(ME)R2000 require the Practice to consult an MPE.
  • Online Radiation Protection File – A comprehensive file designed to guide the practice through the requirements of IRR99 and IR(ME)R2000.

M A Dental charges £260 plus VAT for contacts (£460 plus VAT for non members) per Practice for the 3-year M A Dental Radiation Protection Service.