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X-ray inspection services

M A Dental’s engineers are based in Manchester and are some of the most technical and multi-skilled dental engineers in the UK. M A Dental have been inspecting and maintaining X-Ray units over the last 25 years.

The Guidance Notes for Dental Practitioners on the Safe Use of X-Ray equipment states that “It is recommended that routine tests normally be carried out every 3 years”. The Ionising Radiations Regulations IRR17 states that X-Ray equipment “be properly maintained so that it remains fit for the purpose for which it was intended” and “be adequately tested and examined at appropriate intervals”.

some of the benefits of the M A Dental x-ray engineering services are:

  • M A Dental inspections are performed on-site – we don’t use postal packs.
  • The inspection includes a mechanical and electrical safety service check.
  • Our engineers perform an environmental risk assessment surrounding the equipment.
  • We offer immediate test results rather than waiting for a postal response.
  • Our engineers offer face to face advice on care and maintenance.

X-ray equipment supply and installation

M A Dental supply and install X-Ray equipment including intra-oral and opg units, cephalostats,
Our experienced field engineers and office based engineering advisors will be happy to make recommendations and prepare quotations for your practice.


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