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Capital dental equipment servicing and repairs


Servicing and repairs of Capital Dental Equipment

Suction Pumps

M A Dental service Cattani, Dental-EZ, Durr and Triadac suction pumps. An annual service on your suction pump as recommended by the manufacturer starts from £89.00* plus VAT for a single surgery pump.

Repairs to suction pumps are charged on an hourly rate of £45.00* plus parts plus VAT.

Patient Dental Chairs

M A Dental service A-dec, Belmont, Finndent and Westar chairs amongst others. Annual service is available at £90.00* plus VAT

Repairs to Belmont, Finndent and Westar Chairs are charged on an hourly rate of £45.00* plus parts plus VAT.

Delivery Units/Surgery – including operating light

M A Dental service Belmont, Daray, Faro, KaVo and A-Dec amongst others. An annual service of your delivery unit or surgery as recommended by the manufacturer starts from £90.00* plus VAT.

Repairs to Belmont, Daray, Faro, Finndent and Westar equipment are charged on an hourly rate of £45.00* plus parts plus VAT.

Portable Appliance Testing

Our Portable Appliance Testing service is carried out in line with HSE Guidelines and is charged at £3* plus VAT per item.

*member price