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Servicing & Repairs

M A Dental have been providing engineering services to dental practices for 25 years. We recognised the value of offering an all encompassing dedicated engineering package and a single point of contact that could handle all the practices engineering requirements in one visit by one engineer reducing disruption, surgery downtime and cost. This ethos has made M A Dental one of the UK’s leading dental engineering providers.

M A Dental’s engineers provide engineering cover to approximately 95% of dental practices in England, Scotland and Wales.

Our network of engineers are all employed and trained by M A Dental and are committed to providing an excellent service.
They are highly skilled, experienced dental engineers and where possible trained and accredited by the equipment manufacturer to work on their equipment.

Each engineer is trained in all the disciplines meaning they will not only inspect your X-Ray unit but will also service your autoclave, your compressor, repair your suction pump and other practice equipment as well as offering you valuable advice on your equipment before you make a purchase. As well as being your local engineer they are a valuable resource for advice on the reliability of equipment before the practice makes a purchase.

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