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Welcome to Mark Anthony Dental Ltd

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Meet Our Team

Mark Jones

Mark Jones

Senior Engineer

Mark started his career in the Royal Air Force in 1990 looking after the equipment in the UK and across the World.

Mark left the RAF in 1999 but was recalled back in 2003 when the troubles in Iraq escalated. Safely out a year later he went back working for Wright Cotterel and Co. In 2006 Mark decided to set up M A Dental.

Email Mark: mark@madental.co.uk

Jeanette Jones

Jeanette Jones

Senior Admin Manager

After retiring from a hairdressing career at 19, Jeanette worked in a firm of solicitors as a legal secretary.

She joined M A Dental in 2008 part time and then full time in 2012. She looks after all the paperwork involved and there's plenty of it too!

Email Jeanette: jeanette@madental.co.uk

Matthew Heyes

Matthew Heyes


Matt joined M A Dental in 2013 from O2. He has been on several manufacturers courses and is constantly learning on the job.

Mark is teaching him everything he knows so soon he will be better than him!

Email Matt: matthew@madental.co.uk